Friday, April 22, 2005

Finger Food; James Toback doubt the above lame joke has surfaced elsewhere, along with various riffs about giving Wendy's the finger, but the finger story has finally gotten interesting: the woman who found the finger in the chili at Wendys in the US has "a litigious history" and, or so the story seems to imply, possibly planted the finger herself as part of a scheme to sue. She was arrested today.

If I were the head of Wendy's, I'd cash in and add a new item to the menu, so that clerks could ask, "Would you like fingers with that?"

I always liked the word finger, too. Especially as a verb. And then there's that Harvey Keitel movie. I'm kinda a minor-key James Toback fan. I'm out of touch but damn, I liked The Gambler, and there's lots in Fingers and even Exposed that I was fond of. Did anyone who knows who he is see that new one...? Does anyone else at all even follow James Toback?

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