Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dog Dreams, Dog Suicides, plus Reverse Culture Shock

I dreamed of dogs last night. The narrative was unclear, but I was going through doors and alleyways, trying to get somewhere important, when I was surrounded by dogs -- all of them very friendly, nuzzling me, licking me, wanting my attention. All big, confident, intelligent-seeming dogs -- just the kind of dog I'm fond of. I remember feeling a bit of fear at being surrounded by so many, and gratitude that they were all so nice to be around. I delayed myself, held up the person I was with, because I was having so much fun saying hi to the dogs.

Browsing the Fortean Times this morning, then, looking for interesting headlines, this story caught my eye, of a bridge in Glasgow where five (unrelated) dogs have apparently leaped to their death. It's all quite mysterious... Why would dogs kill themselves, and why at this particular spot?

Hey, if anyone reads this: overseas correspondent Jetbert is considering a return to Vancouver. What should he be ready for when he gets back here, after years of teaching in Japan? How can we help soften the transition? What Vancouver news does he need to know? I've already told him that Gordon Campbell is probably on the way out and reminded him that he should get here for the jazz and film festivals... and that parking is a bitch downtown. What else?

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