Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tights Vs. Winks

AKA, "no time for Tights." Sounds interesting -- the Blim e-mail describes tomorrow's (Wed. 23rd's) show thus:

TIGHTS: Todd & Tyr from THE
WINKS team up with digital gangsta, Andy Dixon (Secret Mommy) for some
improvised insanity... sometimes extremely subtle - sometimes extremely noisy,
their set consists of Andy's real time manipulation of Todd & Tyr's mandolin
& cello playing

Worth following the link to the music sample on Myspace, by the way. Oo, this is actually pretty cool. Really cool -- very abstract, but in very musical and pleasing ways. I've other plans, however, and I've only ever committed to Winks groupiedom, not Tights groupiedom... Is there a Tights CD yet? Uh oh, how busy are these guys gonna keep me?

Anyhow, the indefatigable Winks play again this weekend! (Hm, that's a good name for somethin', The Indefatigable Winks). The 26th, with Secret Mommy (follow link for samples -- official site here) at Cafe Deux Soliels -- Secret Mommy being the project -- the guy? -- that merges with the Winks to be the Tights, so they sound like they must be pretty interesting too. (Oo, these are pretty screwy samples, like Skist on drugs. Stop! I have enough interesting local music to listen to at the moment!). After this gig, the Winks embark on a tour, which means that cello-playing friend of mine had better commit to coming out this weekend, because there are no (as of yet, anyhow) confirmed subsequent Vancouver dates until April, after that.

More Tom Cora for Tyr: I found Gumption in Limbo on Soulseek. Maybe I should try to find some Sonic Youth stuff for Todd, too... but I think all my Sonic Youth is in print... Hm. (I like things that are out of print better, because then I can steal them and burn them as much as I like without feelin' any guilt. After all, I'm just keepin' the interest alive so they'll come back into print, right? I found Slow's "I broke the Circle" on Soulseek last month, I can't tell you what a charm that was for me...) Sometimes you gotta know when to draw the line, tho'. I am not burning the Winks' CD for anyone, for instance. I feel all righteous about it.

Yes, yes, I burned Black Mountain for some people, but they mightn't've gotten out to the gig otherwise and now they all have tickets... life is morally complex, leave me alone.

By the way, Blim is a cool little artspace if you haven't seen it yet. Bizarre to have a venue in the penthouse of an office building -- it feels like something you might see in Tokyo, but it seems like it must be a Vancouver first to me. Mebbe I'm wrong... Piers Whyte, on the bill, is someone I've seen before at Blim, a guy on a laptop who makes one helluva lotta noise for a small space, kind of like having Merzbow in your bathroom with you. I'm just not really the Merzbow in the bathroom type... So you can go and out-arty me; you won't get many opportunities.

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