Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Winks at Blim

Probably the most musical fun a Vancouver band will provide me this year: the Winks at Blim earlier this evening (note re: link -- lots of cool stuff on their site, including MP3s of their music). Mandolin, cello, baritone sax/flute, and drums: a very quirky musical ensemble indeed, playing oddly structured songs with a strange passion and an awareness of folk, classical, and avant-garde rock forms; leaders Todd and Tyr are both charismatic and interesting to watch, too. Not much that I have to say about them but they were in great form tonight, their playing tighter and their songs more fully realized than I recall them being when last I saw them, about a year ago; Tyr told me they've been practicing and playing a lot and it shows. There's an upcoming gig at the Anza Club, I think she said... Thinking of becoming a Winks groupie. They're doing some of the most interesting music in Vancouver that I'm aware of...

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