Tuesday, January 18, 2005

On the Celebrities of Friendster

Dunno if these links will work but it's been fun seeing who is on Friendster. (I mean, Noam Chomsky? Did his kids talk him into this?). Glenn Danzig, Bjork, Thurston Moore, even Annie Sprinkle and Quentin Tarantino, tho' they're "private." Uh... just kinda idly searching people out. Bob Ostertag is out there (I wonder if he's used the Skull Ball I sent him in a musical composition yet?). I won't bother linking to his profile -- sorry, but I'm figuring you don't really care about seeing it (do I judge my imaginary readership too harshly?). Jim Jarmusch ain't, but Tom Waits seems to have taken a few tries to get a profile he likes up -- which again is private; ditto Henry Rollins, who has four profiles out there. Of course, I suppose any or all of these might be imposters. Anyhow, it's interesting to see that some interesting people are using the site. (William Gibson isn't, by the way... bet you were going to look him up yourself, weren't you? You'd figure he would be -- he should be -- if his kids read this, shape him up, okay.) Oh, yeah... the recently somewhat mistreated-on-this-blog Nina Hagen is, but again it's private... Her opening act, Bakelite, is, too. Hm, who should I look up next? I think maybe Miyazaki Hayao's profile wasn't actually written by him, whatta you think?

As good an example of being idle as I've seen lately...

Finally bought The Winks' CD. Damn they're just so fucking likeable. Click the link and listen to "Snakes," okay? It's what I'm writing as I listen to this (edit: make that "it's what I'm listening to as I write this,") and I think my favourite tune on the disc, or, well, so far.

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