Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day in America, in Canada

I hope that the media, in their way, has vastly overstated the support for Trump, to build up suspense and get people to "tune in tomorrow." It's been entertaining, but surely the reality in the US is that people are not so crazy that Trump stands a chance...? We will watch Clinton defeat him quickly and hugely, and get on with business as usual in the United States - warmongering with a pretty face, rather than an unpredictable wingnut fascist demagogue. That's my hope and my prediction. Even having witnessed a two-term George W. Bush presidency, I have a very hard time believing the majority of Americans will come out in favour of Donald Trump.

But I might be wrong.

I'm over on Facebook listening to Chomsky and Zizek on Trump (Zizek has come out in support of Trump; watch that Zizek clip, then maybe watch Chomsky's total dismissal of Zizek as a thinker, here).

Might go down to the Rio Theatre for this free election day event tonight.

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Allan MacInnis said...

Oh man, this isn't good. It's not funny. It's not "going to all be okay." To Americans wanting to move to Canada, I say this: it really, really isn't far away enough to solve your problem. You'd be happier moving to Iceland or somewhere, to not even be NEAR the mess that's been made - and believe me, if I could move, I would.