Monday, March 14, 2016

Enough illness, plus Todd Serious memorial show

Finally feeling better. My swelling is down in the right arm; my GP had the best explanation for the sudden swelling, in the end, that the IV in the right arm went interstitial - first time I've heard that word outside of a William Gibson novel - such that my arm was swollen with some or all of the actual antibiotics they were pumping into it, which were missing the vein.

The idea had also been raised that it was due to blood clots, but the Ultrasound revealed none of those.

Anyhow, enough on my sickness. I'm up and around, feeling much better. The reactive arthritis will eventually calm down - my wrists are less painful even now, if stiff - and the infection in my foot is responding well to the antibiotics, especially now that the IV is back in my left arm. I'm no longer worried and not especially excited about writing about this anymore.

In other news: the long-rumoured Todd Serious Memorial show was finally announced for May 21, more on that here on Facebook. Stepha and other guest vocalists will assume the vocal duties, so that this will be a concert by the Rebel Spell.

It was actually a touching moment on the bus the other day, when I was feeling really weak... some girl with dyed hair and a leather jacket with a Crass emblem on the sleeve got on the bus, and I was sitting wondering - because punk fashion no longer means that someone is a punk - if this girl, in her 20's, if this girl actually listened to Crass. Then she stood up and I saw a barcode on the back of her jacket, I think, as she put on her backpack, and I thought I saw the word "rebel."

So I asked, as she got off, "hey, is that a Rebel Spell patch?"

She lit up, stepping into the stairwell to exit: "Yeah, I love that band." I smiled at her in return. So yeah, obviously she knows her Crass, too. It was a touching moment for someone feeling kinda weak and vulnerable, actually choked me up a little. Had to take a moment after I got off the bus, before I limped down the driveway to the hospital (the buses don't even let off at the door). But it was good, a good moment.

Wasn't going to write about it, but since the memorial show has been announced....


Allan MacInnis said...

So I reacted again to a med, this time to basic Ibuprofen, which caused my reactive arthritis to flare up worse than it was; my right arm, as before, got particularly swollen. I'm really sore and not going to be typing much.

However, I had to share a little irony with you. Today is the day that the power is going to be shut off for eight hours in my mother's building, INCLUDING THE ELEVATORS, from 9 to 5. When I get home from the hospital, I'll have to WALK UP SIX FLIGHTS OF CONCRETE STAIRS to get back here.

The timing of this is just perfect. Arrrgh!

Allan MacInnis said...

Yep, I hadda walk up six flights of stairs; better yet, the only light was what shone under the fire doors at each level. It was pretty interesting, actually. I sang a bit of a song as I eased myself up each step - "I'm climbing up the stairs/ I'm not sure where I am/ but I think this is floor number _____." In part this was because I wasn't going to be able to see anyone coming down in the mostly pitch black, nor them me, so I wanted them to hear me; in part, it was a mnemonic so I would remember what floor I was on. And part of it was that it was fun to sing in the stairwell.

Wonder if the elevators are running yet? I gotta go for my evening treatment...