Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hope you like change...

...because I've gone and changed the template for my blog. It was well past time - I've been using the same template since 2004, so my blog was missing all sorts of obviously useful things like "Facebook Like" buttons and such. Turned out that there was some really fun customization options - the background I'm using is Pollock's "Full Fathom Five," which I had the honour of standing in front of for almost an hour at a travelling MOMA show in Tokyo. Anyhow, with the changed template I'm thinking I might take blogging here a bit more seriously, putting major articles up here instead on other websites that don't pay me. Why work for free to make other people look good when I can work for free for my own benefit? (I still have no plans to monetize, though. It's nice to have an advertising-free zone). Anyhow, hope you like it. Suggestions or comments are welcome.

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