Thursday, October 08, 2015

While I am complaining... where is my Hammer Halloween? Whaah. it really true that no cinema in Vancouver is going to programme a bunch of classic Christopher Lee films in honour of his passing and/ or Halloween? (Or did the Rio do something? I didn't notice it, if so). The Wicker Man played not long ago at the Cinematheque, sure - but it's not actually a Hammer film, and Lee was still with us! So what about The Devil Rides Out and Taste the Blood of Dracula? Those are the two most fun Christopher Lee films I know... the Hammer version of The Mummy is pretty amazing, too, and Peter Cushing is in it with him...
By the way, tho' The Devil Rides Out is absent, all four of the films on the new Hammer Blu-Ray box are fantastic; Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is a must-see, as well, though it's Cushing-no-Lee. Somebody should be stocking this for Halloween (though that's a scandal, too: you can't even find a single Hammer Blu at HMV, what's with that? But I bet Videomatica is on the ball on this).
On the other hand, Hammer-philes,  you can find a really decent DVD of Revenge of Frankenstein at almost any London Drugs in Vancouver for a mere $5 (it's in their 2/$10 rack). A totally solid, enjoyable movie, again with Cushing. And speaking of cheap horror DVDs, as much as I don't want the competition for the good stuff, the Dollarama at Metrotown appears to have brought in a couple hundred cheap horror DVDs, which they're selling for $2 and $3 each; I bet other Dollaramas are following suit, too. Titles they have include the fascinating, evil semi-documentary S&Man, which features the horror-geek-beloved Carol J. Clover and is one of the few films I've seen that actively theorizes about itself while it's going on. And, say, I scored Grabbers, which is an Irish extraterrestrial invasion film where the locals of a besieged town discover that having alcohol in their blood protects them against the invaders. Like I say, it's Irish. There's a lot more - Tom Charity, I snagged an extra of Xan Cassavetes' vampire flick for you, Kiss of the Damned, which, despite the awful box art, looks to be pretty great. Happy Halloween!

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