Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More on the No Fun moratorium

Another poster on Facebook... David was kind of sort of adamant that this would be a permanent moratorium... These may be your last few days to buy a No Fun 10 CD set! (Though there are future sets yet to come, like an "old" set of pre-Paul material, or a live set...).
By the way, did I ever mention that I saw the Werewolf T-shirt at the No Fun garage sale a few years ago? To my understanding, there was only ever one of them made, but there really is a t-shirt. Any man who would name a record label after a single shirt he silkscreened should be taken at his word about a compact disc moratorium. Act now!


David M. said...

There were a bunch of Werewolf t-shirts made from the silk screen that Arnie Nermo, an art schooler through and through, was trained to make and use. You probably saw that wooden-framed item, not an actual t-shirt. But I still have a Werewolf t-shirt (the only blue one), a Werewolf apron (white and ratty), and the only Werewolf underwear item we made (white cotton shorts, not briefs, with the distinctive Wayne Cameron design on the back, though a penis-as-Werewolf-tongue concept was considered).

David M. said...

Also, people are taking the moratorium seriously, if they know NO FUN, or if they know me. IT HAD TO BE DONE.