Monday, July 20, 2015

David M./ No Fun moratorium

So David M. is declaring a moratorium on No Fun box sets, which I just interviewed him about the other week. You have til July 27th to buy yours. It is now an eleven CD set, to my understanding, including a No Fun Greatest Hits compilation, with an early No Fun rarity, "Planned Disaster." The iTunes release of this music will also be subject to the moratorium (I believe. Some lack of clarity may be present here). Act fast - and if you have questions, please direct them to David M. himself, okay? (See the No Fun: The Beatles of Surrey Facebook page for more...).


David M. said...

It's a NO FUN Compact Disc moratorium. The NO FUN Compact Disc Box Set, "NO FUN Greatest Hits 1974 - 2015", and "Unreleasable Vol. One" are the Compact Discs going on moratorium.

Allan MacInnis said...

Not the iTunes, then? I thought you told me today that the iTunes ones were going on moratorium, too.

I cannot do justice to our conversation, alas. I wish I could be the Official NO FUN witness-bearer but I am a bad, distracted witness, glimpsing only fragments of the reality, and misunderstanding most of them. Plus I have a lot else on my mind.

David M. said...

Compact Discs, iTunes, streaming services, apparently "NO FUN Bio" is on BandCamp whatever that is, you name it, it's on moratorium as of July 27th. And you did justice to our conversation, I thought. You patiently grappled with my preposterous blathering like a champ. How did the butter chicken turn out?

Allan MacInnis said...

I put a bit too much sweet stuff - tamarind, honey, even the sour cream seemed a bit sweet - so I had to balance it with darker flavours (cumin, cloves, pepper). It ended up okay but it wasn't my best. We'll have you over some time.

By the way, re: Doug Bennett being "a real sad story," I asked you to elaborate not because I'm dense, but because I wanted to know what specific sort of sad story you meant. There were a few ways to play that. Did you know Doug and the Slugs did some gigs under that name with a different lead singer awhile back? (Post-mortem).