Thursday, August 28, 2014

Prison dream

In the dream I just woke from, I had been ushered into a prison where I was going to be serving time. One inmate seemed friendly and helpful at first and then revealed that he was a rapist and would probably be attacking me at some point, so I was keeping my distance from him. There was an older female (!?), also an inmate, who showed me a deck of playing cards designed by another prisoner; the cards were jail-themed, and while it was  hard to make out which suit or number most cards had - I could spot the odd face card and the three of clubs, but otherwise was non-plussed - they were quite beautiful, in a "dark comic art" way (think Sandman, I guess). I asked the woman about the person who had designed them and she told me he was still in jail. I remarked that the cards were truly beautiful and that I'd like to write to the guy... then the alarm woke me.

I think that the dream was informed by my recent watching of Brubaker and discovering that you can write to Omar Khadr in prison, if you like (see for more on that). Why I dreamed it last night I cannot say...

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