Monday, June 09, 2014

Jonathan Richman update

Re: my Jonathan Richman review, I am informed on Facebook by a reliable source (someone enamoured of certain big cats and Kenny Rogers) that Jonathan Richman still does not have a cellphone. Plus, though there is an irony to it, I am delighted to see someone filmed Jonathan lecturing an audience member about watching the show through a little screen (this is the encore of "When We Refuse to Suffer," one of Jonathan's slightly preachy but still engaging recent songs). I'm grateful to whoever braved the humiliation of being called out to make this recording - it's a helluva lot better view of the performance than I got, back in the back of the Biltmore!

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David M. said...

Get off the fence, Allan. Do cell phones do wonderful things or are they the foulest, deepest evil ever devised by the most demonic creatures ever spewed forth from Hell's festering vagina where, tellingly, reception tends to not be good?