Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin reunion hits Vancouver this Monday!

Does everyone realize that Dave and Phil Alvin of the Blasters have reunited to perform Big Bill Broonzy songs with the Guilty Ones, and that they will be playing in Vancouver this Monday as part of the jazzfest? I haven't noticed much excitement about this, maybe I'm missing something - I am a little out of the loop, after all. Sadly, I can't come remotely close to affording a ticket, what with a root canal scheduled for mid-July; I'm poring over my records trying to decide which I can afford to part with, as part of my fundraising efforts. I've missed every show of the Blasters I had a chance to see, and never have I had a chance to see Phil and Dave onstage together, that I know of. But this is great stuff - LA '80s rockabilly at its finest; I hope people will go in my place and have a great time!

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