Monday, April 21, 2014

Dream update

Strange dreams: one involves a summer camp for Marilyn Manson fans. I remember the singer leading people down a street in Vancouver towards the pick-up point, then mingling with the fans at the camp. One particularly irritating comic book geek present turned everyone off with his bombast, and then later, in summer-camp-horror-movie fashion, got beheaded by someone wearing a Grim Reaper costume and wielding a scythe. I am not sure who I was during the dream but there was a point-of-view shot from the eyeholes of the Grim Reaper mask as the Reaper chopped the obnoxious dude down and then proceeded to chop him into a pile of gore and goo. There was some uncertainty whether this was a real murder or something being faked as part of the experience we were being sold.

Another dream involved catching a ride somewhere with an older ex of mine, whom I was still with in the dream. She was helping me transport a large box of books for resale, which we had piled into the backseat of her car; we then took the backseat out of her car and, I guess, were going to carry it to the bus, stacked with books, but first she got a run in her knee-high hose, and was walking around the parking lot with the hose around her ankle, trying to adjust it or something. Some tall skinny guy was standing next to me mocking her: "it's not like anyone is looking anyhow," making fun of her older-woman legs, and then saying something likening her damaged hose to a used condom. He had no idea I was her boyfriend, but rather than leaping to defend her honour, I ignored him, then walked away with her, holding hands (not sure where the books had gotten to at that point).

Not much else to report... anxious to see the new release of Sorcerer, out tomorrow... more on that later...


Blogger Allan MacInnis said...

And just tonight I dream that I'm one half of two totally different pairs of couples, the relationship between whom is unclear to me, where the only thing in common is that the men in each couple are rolling and passing joints back and forth, while the women look on. One pair of couples is indoors, one man seated, one man - the one rolling the joint - standing at a desk or table as he hands the joint down for inspection; then he takes it back to light it and have the first draw. Another pair of couples is seated at an outdoor cafe on Granville Street. Of the latter couple - one of the men is telling a story about feeling "corny and insecure" about something as the pot hits, producing a tangible shifting feeling in reality during the dream... The women might have been smoking too but it's the men who stand out...

This reminds me of a dream I had a couple of weeks ago where I was walking around Maple Ridge with someone I know - another man - and we were both smoking cigars... Neither of us smoke cigars in real life. My cigar was bigger. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," though, right? Let's hope.

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