Thursday, March 07, 2013

Record Store Day 2013 - a peek

Not the official list, yet, but here's a peek online to what Record Store Day 2013 holds in store.

I am trying to be very prudent with my vinyl buying, so am quite pleased that there is exactly one item that I consider a must have! (A mere 7", the artist/ title of which I will refrain from mentioning lest I stir up competition for it). Like last year, there's a bunch of stuff I can do without.

Here are some considerations for future Record Store Day releases: vinyl reissues that would force me to spend some dough!

Townes Van Zandt: High, Low and In-Between and The Late, Great Townes Van Zandt (why are these not available in vinyl? They're better than 80% of the Townes that has been reissued).

Gary Floyd solo LPs on vinyl, and/or vinyl reissues of Sister Double Happiness LPs (Gary did a bunch of great blues and country albums for European labels in the 1990's, which were only ever put out on CD, most of which has never been heard in North America! Almost all the Sister Double Happiness catalogue is scandalously out-of-print, too).

The Meat Puppets: Huevos, Too High To Die: two great later 'Pups offerings, hard to come by on vinyl now

The Flesheaters: A Minute to Pray A Second To Die, the Tooth and Nail comp, and/or their first single

The Plugz: anything and everything!

Mike Watt and the Black Gang: Contemplating the Engine Room vinyl (Nels Cline is awesome on this)

High Rise, Fushitsusha: (any vinyl reissues of their PSFD LPs) - great Japanese psych; High Rise bring the blues-based rock, while Fushitsusha gets much noiser. Some brilliant, heavy-as-hell stuff from both, though

Raymond Pettibon and Super Session: Torches and Standards: a delightful, limited edition picture disc of yore with really fun songs from Pettibon

Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Broken Arrow (if not egregiously overpriced!).

Gerry Hannah: Songs from Underground vinyl edition! Only ever available as a highly limited cassette!

Peter Laughner: Take the Guitar Player for a Ride (featuring Laughner doing his own versions of Rocket From the Tombs and Pere Ubu songs)

Tad: vinyl reissues of Infra Red Riding Hood and Inhaler

The Stalk-Forrest Group: St. Cecila vinyl - early incarnation of the Blue Oyster Cult!

Nina Simone: Pastel Blues... oop, wait, there's a 180 gram reissue of that. Shit! It's got her doing "Sinnerman," which I think I kinda need on vinyl, maybe - though it's kind of ironic that whenever I hear it, the main sin it brings to mind is spending too much money on music and movies and other non-essential items.


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