Saturday, February 09, 2013

OFF! is off, Om is on

Everyone already knows this, right? Keith Morris is recovering from a diabetic coma he slipped into after returning from Australia, and has cancelled OFF!'s West Coast tour dates, including Vancouver, Feb. 12th. I'm not sure what this means for slated Michigan hardcore opening act Negative Approach - it LOOKS like they were between gigs anyhow, but I've sent them a message via Facebook to confirm that they won't be comin'. Too bad; awesome as OFF! are live, I loved the idea of Negative Approach touring through Vancouver...

In other cool news, the Melvins are planning an album of covers... And Alexander Varty interviewed Om about their beautiful new album Advaitic Songs and their show at the Media Club on the 10th, with an opening set from former Sun City Girls' guitarist Sir Richard Bishop.

If that's not cool enough, check this out: I made a new friend in the city today.

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