Sunday, October 14, 2012

Joe Strummer vinyl reissue

Copies of the limited vinyl first pressing of Joe Strummer's "comeback" LP, Rock Art and the X-Ray Style have been fetching a few hundred dollars on eBay over the last few years, but I imagine that will change now that the album has been reissued (on vinyl, taking up three sides of a double LP, with the fourth devoted to an etching; it's also out on CD, with bonus cuts - a CD which comes included with the LP, note). Joe died far too early; I'm privileged to have seen him four times in my life - once touring this very record, at Tokyo's Akasaka Blitz, photos from which show can be seen here. Awesome footage of Joe on tour in Japan and elsewhere on Youtube here - full songs used in Dick Rude's documentary about Joe, Let's Rock Again.

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