Friday, March 02, 2012

Red Herring on Youtube: God is a Crustacean!

One of the most delightfully underrated, kinda unfairly not-so-well-remembered 80's art-punk bands of Vancouver, Red Herring, made a GREAT video for their (very funny, very smart) song about th' politics of consumption, "Taste Tests" - which someone finally stuck on Youtube! Steve Nikleva, currently in Petunia's band (see below) plays guitar! Better, there's a video for "The Crab Song," off the same EP, which I have never SEEN before! (Some very smart lyrics there, too). People inspired to hunt can also find a great Red Herring tune, "If You Work for Me," on the (of course impossible to find) Undergrowth cassette (which some people have obligingly ripped for file sharing on Soulseek - the only Mp3 of Red Herring I've found). They also have two songs on that Shindig! album with Death Sentence on it - you know, the greenish one? Of the various bits of Vancouver vinyl of my youth that have NOT been reissued in any form, I think this and the Animal Slaves' Dog Eat Dog are my top two faves (the Spores Schizofungi! is mostly available on News Weather and Spores, so it don't count). Oh, and then there's Slow... tho' my favourite song of theirs isn't even ON their infamous EP...

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