Sunday, November 01, 2009

London After Midnight plus more (Vampyre Weekend ends tonight!)

Okay, folks - last chance for some vampire action, tonight at the Vancity. There will be a reconstruction (from stills) of Tod Browning's legendary "lost" film, London After Midnight - with Lon Chaney Sr. in a makeup job so famous (see above) that his image has survived the loss of the film. The screening will be introduced by film historian Rick Schmidlin, who was also involved in the reconstructions of Greed and Touch of Evil. After that, it's Mark Of The Vampire - with Bela Lugosi; David Cronenberg's Rabid, starring the late Marilyn Chambers in a rare non-pornographic role; and Ganja & Hess, which stars Duane Jones, the hero of the original Night Of The Living Dead. I wrote about Rabid below, and Adrian Mack left a comment about Ganja & Hess - though I believe he'll be unable to attend tonight's screening. I am not quite sure when my household chores will be done for the day - much to do, much to do - but I will be making my way out from Maple-fucking-Ridge to see at least two of these films, dammit. Hope to see some other people there, too!

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