Friday, October 16, 2009

Return to eBay: Neuromancer PBO for sale!

Hi, folks! So Al's still sleeping on an air mattress and sorely lacking furniture. To raise money, I've listed my PBO true first edition of William Gibson's Neuromancer on eBay. They sure have screwed that site up! It used to take five minutes for me to list something - today it took more like 30, as I had to keep futzing with their "required fields" for shipping; truly annoying, unnecessary, and asinine, to boot (since, even tho' they know the item ships from Canada, I am given a choice of mailing it of about a dozen US shipping services). The front cover, pictured above, looks great. There's a bit of damage to the spine, alas (it also leans slightly). I hope to net at least $60 US for it... we'll see! Note: if you see this edition of Neuromancer out there, it IS worth money (tho' there's a second printing with the same cover).

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