Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Examined Life returns

If you missed the documentary Examined Life, which I wrote about here, there's a second round of screenings at the Cinematheque over the next week. Though comprised primarily of interviews with philosophers, the film is surprisingly down-to-earth and inspiring, offering us glimpses of people grappling with questions that are very much applicable to daily life - questions of social justice, meaning, environmentalism, and ethical accountability.

Note: for those curious, my vegetarian ambitions that I reported in the previous entry on this film - spurred on in part by Peter Singer and Slavoj Zizek's comments in the film, and by considering the work of Sunaura Taylor, the filmmaker's sister - began to compete with my overriding objective of late to spend more time with my family. Specifically, I'd been trying to talk my father into coming into town for ribs - which he loves - at Memphis Blues, and when, to my surprise, the opportunity arose the other week, I "went back on meat" so as to join him. Working on phasing it out again now, or at least greatly reducing my consumption of it...

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