Friday, January 23, 2009


Ah, great. $780, I pay, for rent, for a bachelor's suite in the west end, where I'm in my fourth year of tenancy. I've grappled with a mouse infestation, a single but still unwelcome cockroach, and now... bedbugs. They seem to be everywhere in the city. I could only find one, having dismantled my apartment in the search - after waking yesterday with a singularly big and itchy bite - but one is enough. Thankfully the building manager promptly called in an exterminator (both of whom confirmed that the bug, who I saved in a pill bottle, was a bedbug). Unfortunately this means my apartment is currently doused in poison and my belongings are piled in odd combinations of garbage bags and boxes, awaiting reassembly. I guess I won't be doing any writing on Sunday, either...

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junjun said...

Oh really you were injured by a bedbug's attach ?
Are you ok ?
Yeah I understand your anxiety for bugs.

Actually I'm also bothered by cockroach in my workplace.
Lately I sometimes see their existence, When turn on the light in a room that we rarely use.
I couldn't stand any more.
So I put some traps to wipe out cockroach yesterday.
I hope not to see them from next monday.

Please be careful of not to be overwhelmed.