Sunday, December 07, 2008

I keep missing the Subhumans

Members of the Subhumans apparently mobbed the stage at the Hanson Brothers concert the other week and engaged in a hockey brawl with the band. I missed it. I'd gone to the concert, but - exhausted from a week of work and too-aware of a stack of student papers that needed marking - I'd bailed as soon as I'd heard my two favourite songs ("Stickboy" and "My Girlfriend's a Robot.")

Members of the Subhumans - and Randy Rampage, too - apparently then got onstage at the Mint Christmas event ("Nardwuar Night") for a rousing finale of "Fuck You." I'd stuck around a bit longer for that one - Nardwuar is such a wholehearted enthusiast in all he does that it was fun as heck to watch - but I'm still pooped and burned out in general and wanted to go home and get a good night's sleep. So I missed that, too.

At that event, I'd run into Subhumans' vocalist Brian Goble. I've been talking about wanting to interview him again - I want to update a talk I'd had with him a few months ago about the situation in the DTES, where he works. He mentioned that he was going to be at the Bedouin Soundclash/ Black Mountain event yesterday, but I couldn't spot him. I left early from that one, too - I hadn't eaten and Femke's feet were getting cold from standing around outside. It's pretty unlikely that any Subhumans took the stage with Black Mountain, right?

No, don't tell me if they did. Hint, though: if you're at a gig, and you see Subhumans in the audience: stick around. Something may happen.

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