Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bob is outdone

Well, so much for Bob Ostertag's Throw My Shoes, Too: there is apparently a new online video game called "Sock and Awe," in which you can pitch virtual shoes at the disgraced President, who, presumably, ducks out of the way each time. I've seen a picture, too, of an angry Middle Eastern journalist holding up a shoe with "Bush" written on it. It's spreading worldwide, I'm sure. I almost feel bad for Bush, faced with such hate and disdain! Somewhere the poor fucker must have a soul, a conscience; surely something in him burns and trembles and feels shame, no? How can any one human bear the weight of the loathing and contempt of so many people on this planet? If he doesn't really feel it yet... surely someday he will, no?

It will not stop me from seeking out Sock and Awe and trying it myself, mind you. And I still plan to ask someone to photograph me with my shoes. But part of me still wonders -- how would the world react if Bush killed himself, or if, at the very least, he admitted vast wrongdoings - crimes against humanity, I think they're called - and actively sought out some form of punishment? Could the man even begin to atone for what he's done in this lifetime? Since I imagine the answer is "no" - despite all his crimes, how can one not feel compassion for such a miserable soul? Mocked, condemned, without hope of expiation... it's a horrible fate to contemplate, even though he richly deserves it.

Sock and Awe. Jeezis.

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ammacinn said...

The actual game is here, by the way:

I got him twice.