Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jenkem Vs Cheesing: More Fun from the Deviancy Amplification Spiral

Right, so - there's mention in this Mentors DVD review in the current issue of Razorcake of jenkem, which provoked me to read up. You really should click that link, which directs to the Wikipedia entry; it's most instructive. Jenkem is a quasi-mythical mixture of fermented human feces and urine that some children in highly impoverished areas MAY be huffing to get high. Recently there was a jenkem panic in the US, with the media asserting (based on scanty evidence) that jenkem use was widespread in the USA, which it simply is not. A fine example of deviancy amplification!

Well: there's a new episode of South Park online that seizes this fertile territory and runs with it. This will be funnier if you saw certain animated features of the 1980s. I certainly did... I'm really hoping they used the BOC's "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" in it (how do I type an umlaut onto the O in BOC, anyhow?).

And God, yes, there is work I should be doing tonight, rather than watching South Park, but I've been feeling so awful this last week that I'm allowing myself some needed time off today (which I guess the trip to Seattle yesterday was, too, tho' I was exhausted by the time I got home...). I think I have short circuited my migraine cycle, finally - I woke up this morning with a headache, took a vasoconstrictor, suffered for a couple of hours, bemoaning my lack of codeine... And then I remembered how I broke my last migraine cycle, a couple of years ago. I won't tell you my copin' mechanism, but - it isn't jenkem, that's for sure, and no cats are involved. And unlike the various expensive prescription meds I've explored, it actually works quite well, both as a painkiller and as a way of switching off the Migraine Program. (Or so it has done tonight).

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jonathan said...

Seriously one of the great episodes, from the animation to the issue it mocks to the moral message, which puts into words better something I've been trying to explain to my younger brothers for years...drugs in an of themselves aren't a bad thing, but the more one does certain drugs- even non-addictive hallucinogens- the more one relies on that state over their "normal" state...the state in which one pays bills, goes to school, and co-exists with police.

Speaking of that, I had court on Friday. Deferred Entry of Judgment- if I complete a four month, extremely expensive drug diversion course and a year and a half of informal probation, my case is dismissed. If I fuck up, I'll go to state prison for nearly four years, my girlfriend for five. Hopefully it goes without saying, but fucking this opportunity up is not an option. I have court in early May to show proof of enrollment.

All I know is that, while I might be off the cheese, I look forward to when all of this over...a week shy of my 23rd birthday. A case of Pabst, two densely packed joints, and one ceiling fan at which to stare should do the trick.