Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Exhausted, Non-Blogging Me - plus CineAction 72 is Out

Photo by Dan Kibke: Al of the Living Dead

Well, sorry, folks - there's a huge feature in the Dec/Jan Nerve Magazine on Peter Stampfel of the Holy Modal Rounders and a two-page spread on the Scratch Records birthday celebration, but I haven't posted much at all on this blog o'mine lately, which I'm well aware of. I'm pooped, for one - those two articles, plus my dayjob, plus visits out to my parents in Maple Ridge every couple o' weekends - plus the untold mundane stresses of life (getting laundry done, dealing with intermittent electrical problems in my building, helping a buddy move, etc) have kept me far from writing. The odd moment I've been able to spend at the computer has been devoted to downloading episodes of South Park and/or things involving the female of the species (or at least IMAGES of the female of the species, which are so much easier to work with).

I am currently working on (for this blog) the Blake Nelson interview, a Bev Davies piece, and a somewhat late but definitely readable Keith Parry piece, tying in to the Scratch article. I also have contributions to Bixobal and Razorcake that I'm working on, as long as whatever I'm doing for the next Nerve Magazine (in February). With luck, I'll get through all of this during the Christmas season, in between orgiastic consumption of turkey and, we hope, a couple of rolls in the hay. Those of you who are impatient to read more of me, if you actually exist, can always head to your favourite quality magazine stand and search out CineAction 72, just out now, which features my feature interview with Charles Mudede, dealing with the films Police Beat and Zoo, and of course, the Enumclaw horse sex case. I am too pooped to bother posting links to these things, but you know how to Google. I am very proud to appear in a journal associated with critic Robin Wood, one of my favourite film writers ever...

Anyone wishing to soothe my weary, under-appreciated self by giving me a massage, a blowjob, free alcohol, a better-paying and more rewarding dayjob, or flat out hard cash, is welcome to comment below. Re: the blowjob, I am still currently only fielding applications from women, but I'll keep you posted.

And now I'm going to take off my socks, stretch, and watch some South Park.
Oh: by the way, I highly recommend Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, which is a finely crafted, very entertaining, and psychologically rich film, featuring fine performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Albert Finney. (I personally don't care much for Ethan Hawke, but he's not at all bad in this). I have nothing to SAY about the film, but the less one knows about it beforehand, the better: just trust me.

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