Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pointed Sticks New Single, Nomeansno Boat: Ah, Fandom

I just got news of the band's first single in 26 years, courtesy of Ian Tiles. The splash page for it, with more info, is here; the official site is under construction here. I love the title and the gesture and I hope the Japanese dig the heck out of it. For those of you without turntables - because it's gonna be a real honest-to-god 7" -- Ian points out that it is "suitable for framing."

In other news, the most ridiculous Nomeansno auction I have ever seen is ongoing at the moment; it's more of a satire of fandom than a money-making device. If this link doesn't work, search out item number 200117558197.

For the record, I have a chicken recipe framed on my wall that Tom Holliston signed and gave me. It was that or the lamb.

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