Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Terminal City Blues, plus dailies rant

Heh. How's that for a sad irony? I get a writing gig with Terminal City and that issue is the last ever issue they publish -- the paper has folded, stopped publication, gone kaput, gone bye-bye. I doubt I'll even get paid for the article, now -- it would have been nice to have a cheque to cash, just for the symbolic value of it. Perhaps I should conceive of this as some kind of test of my commitment to writing -- just another obstacle to overcome... All of this ultimately amounts to another reason to hate Metro, Dose, and 24 Hours, those homages to illiteracy and idiocy, who have gobbled up the city's advertising revenue and driven something that actually contributed to local culture into the toilet. Fuck Metro! Fuck 24 Hours! Fuck Dose! Fuck these people, and fuck you if you actually take their shitty papers from their public-nuisance vendors (unless you're an ESL student or badly in need of toilet paper, or sitting in a restaurant and amusing yourself with a paper that some other idiot picked up).



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