Thursday, November 24, 2005

Eugene Chadbourne, Terry Riley, and stuff I've missed

Well, folks, I'm currently a bit puzzled about how to write for this blog; my role as writer/"journalist" is expanding a bit, and I'm not sure what to do about that -- neverminding my self-published "blogzine," I'll be on the phone with Terry Riley on Friday, interviewing him for Nerve; the same day will be spent hanging out with Eugene Chadbourne, whom Dan and I are entertaining prior to his Friday night gig at the Western Front. All of that is exciting, but what do I do with it? Write one thing for print, one thing for my 'zine (if I do it again) and one thing for my blog? (Actually, that's what I did with the Zev Asher stuff, but... it seems a bit much). Add a busy schedule to it -- a full time job, a part time job, a recently-added gym schedule, and a need for ample culture consumption (some call it "entertainment") to give me somethin' to write about -- and we find I'm spread pretty thin. I neglected to review the Meredith Monk show (it felt so much like the show you'd expect Monk to give that it felt like it barely happened -- but just read Alex Varty on it, okay? I really enjoyed the dance elements and the short film "Turtle Dreams" was a delightful closer to the performance of the piece by the same name) and I didn't write at all, Brett Larner interview notwithstanding, about Ellen Fullman and the Long String Instrument, which was some of the most exciting music I've heard in recent years. I'm not going to catch up, either -- between them, Dr. Chad and Terry Riley are going to give me all I need to write about for a week... Plus I'm off to see Antonioni's The Passenger again tonight at the Cinematheque (the European cut is even more languid than the previously available version, and feels quite dreamlike; I highly recommend this film).

So it's a busy and fulfilling life this week; I'm not complaining; it's just my blog that's suffering. My apologies for any apparent lack of enthusiasm... I'm still around!

By the way, the world's ugliest dog has died. (Annoying Wal-Mart pop up -- sorry).

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