Monday, July 11, 2005

Requests for Next Year's Jazz Festival

Attention Coastal Jazz people!

Here's a brief list of people I'd like to see here next year. Please bear in mind that my tastes in music matter:

Avant guitarists Eugene Chadbourne, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, and/or Keiji Haino. Especially Keiji Haino.

Japanese artists Hiroaki Katayama (or De-Ga-Show), Natsuki Kido (or Bondage Fruit), Kazutoki Umezu (or Komatcha Klezmer or the KiKi Band), and/or Fumio Itabashi (an amazing pianist who has played with all these guys, I imagine).

Peter Brotzmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rarely-seen underground icons Jandek and Nurse with Wound! That'll put us on the map -- between them, they've played five shows, as of this blog!

Ornette Coleman! Cecil Taylor! (If they're still around).

More John Zorn related stuff... this year was pretty thin, NewYorkwise. I'd still like to see Ikue Mori come through -- Vancouver New Music tried a couple of years ago, but it didn't work out. I'm also a big Jamie Saft fan, myself (f'd up pothead Semitic dub. Go figure).

How about Bill Laswell?

If we're going to focus on Europe, let's bring anarcho-punk improv band The Ex to town! They've played with lots of European improvisers (ICP Orchestra, Han Bennink, others). Since we like Europe, let's have Maja Ratkje and/or Fe-mail and/or Spunk come over, or Supersilent (yeah, Maja and Supersilent were both here a couple of years ago... bring 'em again!).

I also really like vocal improv stuff -- I really enjoyed Paul Dutton's performance at the festival a couple of years ago, and I loved Phil Minton and Maggie Nicols this year. Let's have more of that! (...what was the name of that guy who played with Locus Solus? Blegvad?). Jaap Blonk? Who else could we bring in, that we haven't seen here before? Meredith Monk?

...and I'm all for bringing Maggie 'n' Phil back, myself... Hell, bring back the whole Dedication Orchestra, they were great!

...ummm... who else? Is Marion Brown still around? What about Sunny/Sonny Murray? Or Sonny Simmons? Or...?

Damn, there was someone else who would be just perfect, but I forgot who...

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