Monday, April 04, 2005

Nomeansno gig coming up!

Well, a combination of personal issues, other writing projects getting underway, and a busy work schedule have kept me from blogging much, but I thought I'd mention that there'll be a Nomeansno gig soon. From the Georgia Straight:

: Legendary punk-prog trio performs an all-ages show to celebrate its 25th anniversary, with guests Removal and the Feminists. May 11, 8 pm, Mesa Luna (1926 W. Broadway). Tix $12 (plus service charge) at Zulu, Scratch, Noize, and Red Cat Records, info 604-733-5862.

Also exciting: the Gang of Four play in May, and cellist Erik Friedlander.

What else can I write during the remainder of my lunch break...? Actually, I'd rather take a walk for fifteen minutes, while the sun is shining. Sorry!

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