Wednesday, February 16, 2005

On the Conspiracy Theorists of Turkey

Well, it isn't much to write about, but there's a new bestseller in Turkey: a bit of speculative fiction set in 2007 that imagines the United States is controlled by a secret sect, modelled on Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society which, in fact, both George W. Bush and that Democratic nonentity who ran against him -- what was his name again? It amuses me to discover that it's slipped my mind already -- belonged to; and that said secret society, driving American foreign policy, leads to their invasion of Turkey, which then has to turn to Europe and Russia to help it repel the invader. Even more interestingly, the novel suggests that the US is experimenting with Tesla weapons, including ones that can induce earthquakes. (Aum Shinrikyo is believed to have been very interested in this stuff -- note that I haven't really read the articles I'm linking here, just giving a little bit of further material for those who want it, without, uh, necessarily vouching for it). This is very nearly the territory of people who go on about MK Ultra mind control stuff -- some people blow it, we suspect, way out of proportion -- except if it's looked at closely, there's some suggestion that it may be true. The novel is a runaway hit, and has various American diplomats worried.

Oh, right -- the Democrat was named Walter Mondale. ;)

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