Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Please don't taunt the giant

Bizarre news out of Iran: a show of swaggering bravado practically daring the US to attack them. That's a great idea, guys -- why not publicly announce you have WMD, while you're at it? Particulary since it's likely you don't.

Y'all look at maps 'n' shit, right? Iran is right inbefuckingtween Afghanistan and Iraq. An Iranian coworker of mine is really nervous, and I don't blame her...

Did my Abu Ghraib mini-lesson with my ESL class today. Once again, out of a dozen university-educated students (in this group, from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Brazil) not one knew what Abu Ghraib was. Only two had seen the torture photos before. I probably would have stopped doing this particular lesson months ago, except I'm so stunned at how little people pay attention to this sort of thing. People need to know.

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